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Diving in Malta is truly an exhilarating experience, clear waters and great visibility.  One of the good things about our island is that even in winter one can always find a safe place to dive.  We have some beautiful diving sites spread over Malta, Gozo and Comino and great wrecks.


Malta's warm, clear and tideless waters offer a wealth of diving opportunities to beginner and expert divers alike, all year round. Divers can experience crystal clear deep blue waters with unbelievable submarine topography, fish life and wrecks, the number of which have increased following the Maltese government's Artificial Reef Programme.  English is widely spoken on our island, meaning that there are plenty of English Speaking instructors and getting by is easy.  One is also sure to find german, french and spanish instructors so whatever your nationality you are sure to find yourself in a comfortable environment.


With deep clear water just a step off the rocks, much of the Maltese Islands' scenic diving is accessible from the shore. Cirkewwa and Marfa Point in Malta have been popular locations throughout the history of recreational diving.  The locations are easily accessible for parking and for entry into the water, sheltered when other areas can be too windy to dive and host a variety of exceptional sites that can be reached from three close entry points and dives that can be undertaken by the least to the most experienced of divers.  It is here that the underwater terrain is at its most dramatic, with drop-offs, caves, grottos and even a shipwreck in the form of the tug Rozi.


A must-do on Malta's sister island of Gozo is the Blue Hole.  After a careful scramble over and down the rocks, a circular pool of the deepest blue water cut off from the sea is just too inviting! Below the surface in the luminiscent water is a cut-off to the open sea.  Through this the underwater terrain is nothing less than the spectacular; with sheer walls, caves and prolific sea life. Adjacent to this site is the Inland Sea - where after an easy entry, before submerging into the tunnel that eventually opens out onto a sheer drop-off, large Groupers slowly patrol the rock face.


Whilst Gozo boasts some of the most superb scenic dives with prolific marine life there exists only one official wreck site - that of the Ferry Xlendi which lays inverted on a sloping reef at approximately 40 metres depth.  The Ship can be dived both from the shore and boat. The sheltered cove at Mgarr ix-Xini is most dived when sea conditions prevent diving in other locations but it is worth a visit anyway.  It is here that the Seahorses can be located in about 8 metres on the left hand side of the cove.  On the right hand side are a number of interesting caves.  There are many other dive locations in Gozo, as on Malta, which can be easily identified by a diving school.


For the island of Comino, unless one is staying at the hotel, it can only be dived by boat either from Malta or from Gozo.


From this brief description one realizes that Malta, Gozo and Comino have numerous dive sites to be explored and enjoyed. We look forward to your visit.

(references: Scuba Diving Malta, Gozo, Comino by Peter G. Lemon - An Excellent Guide Book to Diving the Maltese Islands).


Various Dive Sites in Malta include: The Bristol Beaufighter, HMS Hellespont, HM Drifter Eddy, HSM St Angelo, E-Boat and Italian E-Boat, HMS Southwold, Le Polynesian, Munxar Cave/Reef, Bristol Blenheim, Benghajsa Reef, Il Mara, Filfla Island, Dingli Cliffs (Migra Ferha), Scot Craig, Devils Reef,  Qammieh Point, Smugglers Cave/Reef, White Reef, HMS Stubborn and Mv Imperial Eagle.

Various Dive Sites in Gozo include:- Fesse Rock, Newwiela Point, Ta'Cenc Reef, Sanap Cliffs, Dawra tas-Sanap, Ulysses Cave,  Zurzeip Reef, Wardija Point, Fungus Rock, San Dimitri Point, Wied ir-Raheb, Ta'Camma, Halq Hamiem, Hekka Point, Gudja Cave (Tac-Cawla), il-Margun, Forma Point, Billinghurst Cave, Calypso Tunnel/Cave, Qala Quarry.


Various Dive Sites in Comino include:- Lantern Point, Lantern Point West, Crystal Lagoon, Alex's Cave, Cominotto Reef (Anchor Reef), The Canyon,  Comino's Delight, Santa Marija Reef, Santa Marija's Caves,

Elephant Rock, Sultan Rock.

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