About Scuba Systems Limited

Scuba Systems Ltd offers a complete range of scuba diving and snorkelling equipment at competitive prices to suit everybody’s discerning needs – from a basic o-ring to a Dry Suit.  We also offer products for the Apnea line (free-diving).


We deliver equipment to all dive schools and dive shops spread over all Malta, Gozo and Comino.  We handle replenishment of school stocks at excellent prices as well as supplies of stocks for retail.  We also import a vast selection of Brandless Dive Accessories such as lanyards, shakers, blow guns, wrist slates, slates, dry can for storage etc all at highly competitive prices.


We stock practically all items from the Brands we import ie. Scubapro, Subgear, Mcnett, Sealife, IQ and Seac and if there are any items we do not have in stock we can speedily import them on request.


Lately we are receiving various requests for kids snorkelling equipment and we would like to advise all our clients that we stock fins as small as size 26/28 together with small silicone masks ideal for 3-4 year old kids.  We are also selling many kids rash guards both in long sleeves and short sleeves which have an SPF (Sun Protection Factor) of 200+.

Our Opening Hours are Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 5.30pm


  • Backed with years of experience in the diving scene SCUBA SYSTEMS LTD has in-house servicing carried out by fully factory-trained and certified technicians.  We also pride ourselves with having a good level of stocks of spare parts which guarantees our clients continuous and prompt support and service.


    Scuba Systems Ltd Offer:


    •      Breathing Apparatus/Regulators
    •      B.C.D’s – Jackets
    •      Instruments – all types analogue or digital
    •      Diving Computers
    •      Suits and shorties
    •      Hoods, Gloves and Boots
    •      Masks, Fins and Snorkels
    •      Knives and Torches
    •      Weight Belts and Soft Weights
    •      Reels and Hangers
    •      A very large range of all sorts of diving accessories like retractors, new clip shock line, lanyards,  
    •      spring fin straps etc etc.
    •      Sealife Underwater Cameras
    •      McNett product

    We also have a selection of previous stock items; some can even be referred to as Collectors’ Items.  Who knows maybe you wanted a Scubapro Combi Tool Knife for example but since this is no longer available you could not get it.  We still have a few in stock.  So take advantage and browse through this section and make your choice. These items are offered at special bargain prices.

    Ultimately, Scuba Systems Ltd  offers excellent service and competitive prices so kindly contact us or e-mail us with any requests.

    • Scuba Systems Ltd., offer a complete range of diving and snorkelling equipment

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