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X-Fire 85cm



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Barrel: in light alloy. Specially extruded tubing to increase its rigidity and avoid bending,treated with an anodized process. • X-Fire muzzle: ergonomic, free from a top bridgein order to assist the sight, innovative system of fixing the line in order to block theshaft when inserted, pivoting inner part with O-ring to warrant a perfect seal fromwater penetration • Handle: computer designed grip. Aiming line free to facilitate avirtual target. Watertight handle with O-ring placed on a plastic pivoting component.Double sternal support to facilitate loading operation. • Twin Fire muzzle: limited in size,combining functionality and durability thanks to the use of reinforced technopolymersand stainless steel, not to mention design solutions that allow you to switch easilybetween the dual sling and circular sling versions. • Triggering device: in Stainless Steel,laser cut with added antifriction polishing of every single component. • Sling: ProgressivePower Green with special rubber blend and special green coating to guarantee greaterresistance to abrasion and UV rays. Diameter 17.5 mm • Shaft: in 17-4-PH stainlesssteel with 6.25 mm diameter. • Standard kit: Hi-tenacity (1,40 mm diameter) Nylon line,gun bag in PU coated Nylon.• Optional: Reel for X-Fire sling guns. Nylon line, according todiameter, up to 25 mt. Adjustable system to facilitate the rolling up. 

Although image is of sz 75 all that varies is size of sling gun


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