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Caccia HF Pneumatic Gun


€189.00  €170.00 (incl. VAT)

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Product Details:

Outer barrel: aluminum alloy cylinder with a hydrodynamic shape achieved using Hydroforming technology. This makes it possible to increase the capacity of the outer barrel to make it easier to aim horizontally and to improve trim and buoyancy. The area near the handle is cylindrical so that a reel (optional) can be mounted.

• Muzzle: the end narrows to make the shaft easier to see, thereby improving the line of sight

• Handle: with ergonomic computer design. Made in two soft overmoulded materials to improve comfort and grip

• Barrel: with a narrower diameter of 11.2 mm, it reduces the amount of water the weapon has to expel, decreasing loading force and delivering a significant increase in shaft exit speed

• Characteristics: the reduced size of the piston that acts on the trigger mechanism allows for excellent sensitivity and lower firing force • Included: stainless steel shaft, 7 mm in diameter, injector, harpoon, harpoon loader, line, and carrying bag.

Available in 3 sizes: - sz 75 retails at Euro 189.  sz 90 retails at Euro 197.  sz 115 retails at euro 206.00


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