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You’ve been underwater for almost an hour in unfamiliar territory. The current is strong, the scenery, stunning. Even the most skilled divers rely on their equipment in an underwater excursion. The watery depths are full of unknowns, and while that is part of the allure, it calls for the utmost in preparation. A personal dive computer is the diver’s best friend:

Computer Screen


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Seac Screen is the dive computer that aims at clarity and ease of reading all the data relating to the dive profile.

The large display shows all useful information on a single screen, with clearly legible and distinct characters. Contrast and brightness can be adjusted, as well as the mode (automatic or manual) and the backlight time (from 2 "to 60"). The display measures 4x4.7cm and is protected by a sturdy rubber-coated shell. Total dimensions of the dial 6.7x7cm.

The strap is long and is designed to fasten comfortablySeac Screen even over a dry suit. Total length, from the buckle to the opposite end: approx. 36 cm.

The two well-defined front buttons allow you to use Seac Screen quickly and easily even very heavy gloves. Seac Screen operates in 3 main modes: Scuba , Gauge and Free

In Scuba mode the dive profile is automatically managed according to the Bühlmann ZHL-16C decompression algorithm. It supports the management of 1 or 2 mixtures (air, Nitrox and other mixtures with O2 up to 99%), notifying the user at the most suitable time to make the change. Audible and light alarms in case of violation of the decompression stop, of excessive ascent speed and exceeding the maximum depth allowed with the gas mixtures in use. In Gauge mode, the Seac Screen computer displays depth gauge and stopwatch for fully autonomous management of the dive by more experienced divers. In Free mode, freedivers can view surface and dive times, current depth and maximum depth reached during the session.


The Plannerof the Seac Screen dive allows you to simulate and plan a dive by displaying the NDL time based on the set depth and other input data (gas mixture, maximum PpO2, algorithm calculation prudence level).

The Logbook stores up to 40 hours of diving in Scuba / Gauge mode or 18 hours in Free mode. Downloadable data and software update with USB-C cable and Seac Dive Manager application downloadable for free on website.

Seac Screen works with a CR2450 battery , not rechargeable. It can be replaced by the user but it is still advisable to contact an authorized Seac center to also change the original battery compartment O-ring.

Other: maximum depth 100 meters, calculation of NoFly and Desaturation times, maximum allowed altitude warning, fresh or salt water selection.

Seac Screen is also available in the console version combined with a pressure gauge .

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