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The new Hero mask has a truly unique shape, thanks to a sophisticated design full of personality. The choice of materials was also a strong influence, like the Ultra Clear Liquid LSR that provides the skirt unparalleled comfort and high resistance to UV rays, as well as a noticeable reduction of the fog effect typical of silicone masks. Another innovation is the 3D buckle that can be rotated into all positions, making it absolutely practical thanks to the system of squeeze buttons. The ample surface area of the lenses, combined with its downward inclination offers an unparalleled field of vision. Frame: Polycarbonate with overmoulded inserts • Skirt: In hypoallergenic Ultra Clear Liquid LSR • Strap: Silicone • Tempered glass lenses (guaranteed minimum thickness 3 mm) • Optical lenses: from -1.0 to -6.0 • Packaging: rigid transparent box included. Available in white/blk, blk/blue, white/pk, green/blk, red/yell, blk/red, blk/grey. The latter 2 have a black skirt


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