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Exodry Dry Suit


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4mm high-density neoprene resists compression so buoyancy variations are reduced at depth.Latex wrist and neck seals are thin yet durable and provide comfortable, watertight seals.Orange plush interior is comfortable and enhances cold water protection.Neoprene warm collar covers the latex neck seal to eliminate cold spots and increase comfort.Shoulder and knee panels cover a lot of area for maximum anti-abrasion protection.Attached semi-rigid dive boots feature new soft yet protective soles that improve their anti-slip capabilities while enabling you to comfortably walk on objects like shells. Boots also include Velcro straps to improve fit while preventing air from traveling to feet, along with fin strap retainers.Heavy-duty rear shoulder-to-shoulder BDM metal drysuit zipper is covered by a neoprene overflap for added protection.Si-Tech balanced side-activated inlet and adjustable outlet valves allow for pinpoint buoyancy control, increasing stability and control at depth.I-Safe straps on both arms offer secure mounting spots for wrist instruments.Blue suspender system is easy to see, enhances fit and provides convenient lower suit support between dives.Handy right-thigh utility pocket with D-ring, bungee and zippered closure provides a secure spot for carrying accessories. A hook is provided on the cargo pocket for attaching a hood. 


length  110cm

width  1100cm

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