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The new CHROMIS wrist computer is ready for your next adventure, in or out of the water. Reaching a new level of clarity, the large display and Katana-sharp characters are proven to be exceptionally readable under water. You'll have a host of tools at your fingertips, including a full-featured dive computer, apnea gauge, timepiece, and patented lap counter.LIVE YOUR LIFE  IN DIVE MODEKEY FEATURESLarge, sharp display: features characters inspired by Samurai katanas that are proven to be remarkably clear underwater.Multiple mode capabilities: SCUBA, gauge, apnea, swim, and watch modes - in addition to built-in altimeter for any adventure.Full dive planner: based on a custom algorithm (ZHL8 ADT MB), with NoStop and TAT indication and Interval/O2 input, making Chromis a suitable primary computer.Patented stroke counter: easily keep track of strokes from the wrist or fin kicks from the ankle while calculating distance.Four-button interface: includes menu state indicator for easy operation, even while wearing neoprene gloves.Zigzag armstrap design: compensates for dive suit compression to maintain a comfortable, secure fit at depth.Technical InformationEasy to read larger digitsZHL8 ADT MB algorithmDual timeStopwatch function in SCUBA mode120m maximum operating depthLarger capacity CR2430 batterySCUBAPRO engraved SS316L stainless steel front ring and backPatented Swimming Stroke counter: counts strokes or kicks and calculates distanceColors: Black, Orange, WhiteStrap extension includedNitrox settings 21% to 100%Feed-through push buttonsAPNEA and GAUGE modesUSB connection with cradleLogs can be stored and analyzed with a PC/MacAlarm clock


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