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ON ORDER - pls contact us for best quoteSoft & comfortable like a wetsuit, but keeps you warm & watertight like a dry suit. Everdry4 was created for demanding and recreational divers wanting easy-to-wear advanced dry suit protection. In professional black with modern, metallic silver graphics and logos, this suit says SCUBAPRO quality and spirit throughout.The Everdry 4 is designed to be worn with either a very thin undergarment or none so it has a very streamlined or "wetsuit type" fit. If you wish to add a thicker undergarment it is required to get a larger size to accommodate it.4mm high-density neoprene maintains optimal thermal insulation but weighs 50% less and is significantly softer than a traditional dry suit.Ensures better protection and buoyancy stability at depth than a traditional wetsuit.Featuring Si-Tech balanced side-activated inlet and adjustable outlet valves, facilitating better buoyancy operation and increased comfort.Soft flexible attached neoprene socks, fitting a broad range of feet and body combinations. The suit can be worn with HD Drysuit Boots or neoprene boots.Flex SealsDry Back ZipEverflex or Flexible PanelsRemovable Suspenders1x PocketAvailable Sizes:MAN: S, M, MR, L, LR, XL, XLR, 2XL, 3XL, 4XLWOMAN: 2XS, XS, S, M, L, XLRRP SHOWN IS FOR EACH  AS IMAGE SHOWS MALE AND FEMALE VERSION.


  • Durable dry back zipper with neoprene protection flap keeps water out.
  • Convenient and roomy pocket with zippered closure keeps essentials close at hand.
  • Available in both men's and women's sizes. And our lady's version is a specifically cut and shaped pattern for perfect fit on the female form.
  • Reversed construction rolling neoprene neck seals guarantee watertightness without the hair-pulling or potential allergy risks of traditional latex.
  • Two exterior velcro closures offer complete adjustment and comfort.
  • Easy-to-repair neoprene wrist seals for no-leak insulation and comfort.
  • Elastic, adjustable & removable suspender system for a better fit. 5/6.5mm anatomically shaped hood with prolonged neck & soft skin-like neoprene face & neck seals, plus air release valve system, keeps you warm.
  • Overall quality finishing and details: every millimeter is well thought out and perfected for a premium diving experience. [TestersChoice2010] Technical Information Suggested temperature range with Climatec undersuit: 10-18 °C / 50-65 °F with Polar Shell undersuit: 0-12 °C / 32-54 °F with no undersuit: 16-24 °C / 60-75 °F NOTE: The suggested temperature range is just a generic indication and is affected by many factors, including the diver's physical condition and personal temperature sensitivity. Isolation is also affected by the amount of air inside the suit. Please adjust the temperature range according to your personal sensitivity to cold.

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